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PDS stands for . . . Profit Directed Strategies
One of the core principles at PDS is to save our partners money!  The transportation professionals at PDS have over 100 years of industry experience and our team is dedicated to utilizing our resources to help your team reduce supply chain costs.  Many of our competitors attempt to make the "transportation equation" very complex; PDS can work with you to analyze costs, and examine cost saving options.

Some cost saving hints:
The majority of raw material and packaging vendors that charge for shipping, mark-up the actual shipping charges in order to increase their total profit margin.  And the same concept holds true for vendors that promote "free freight" when they ship product.  PDS can help you take charge of all inbound and outbound transportation to minimize total cost.

PDS stands for . . . Preferred Distribution Site
PDS is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, which allows us to leverage the strongest shipping point in the United States.  Chicago is the hub of transportation activity, and PDS is right where we want to be . . . in the middle of it.

PDS stands for . . . Pooled Destination Sourcing
True or False: Shipping LTL is inefficient?  At the heart of the PDS business proposition is a determination to make the answer to the preceding question FALSE.  When a company partners with PDS, they partner with a company that has expertise in Volume LTL and LTL Consolidation. Basically, this means that our network of partners allows us to combine LTL shipments going to similar destinations and drive cost down by taking advantage of full truckload rates.  LTL is a necessity for most businesses, managing LTL costs is the opportunity!